GoldFinX AMA with Philippe Bednarek and CryptoVN Telegram, Full Transcript

GoldFinX organized an open house, highly engaging AMA with CryptoVN. In the AMA on the official telegram group, the CEO of GoldFinX Phillippe Bednarek answered the various questions asked by the members of the group

He touched upon myriad aspects like the mission, team, and the distinguishing factors of GoldFinX throwing light on the upcoming developments of the project. In the Crypto Vietnam channel, the Phillip Bednarek, CEO of GoldFinX answered questions from the Crypto Vietnam team and then took to queries from Twitter posts and later indulged in a highly interactive session where group members asked in depth and diverse questions about GoldFinX

Phillipe Bednarek addressed the group and started by saying

Before starting I want to say that I am very happy to be part of this session. I have been in Hanoi a couple years ago and I loved it!!

Introductory Questions

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

I am the CEO and founder. I have 15 years of experience in trading Gold. I noticed the opportunity in financing Artisanal miners GoldFinX is an alternative finance company. We finance a neglected part of the gold mining industry which has a huge potential. Artisanal Gold miners need money to buy equipment and increase their production. We share with them the production of Gold.

Q2: Can you tell the community some of the GoldFinX achievements?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

We are already financing 2 mines, they are located in Ivory Coast , Africa. Production started this month. The next mines in the pipeline will be in Canada. Our coin is listed since May 2020 on Coinsbit and Bitmart. Its name is GIX

Q3: Can you share GoldFinX roadmap?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

Our goal is to finance a production of 240 kilograms of Gold this year around $14,000,000 in value. With 2 more mines in Canada next year we should double this production.

In Fall 2021 we will start our program to use our coin within the community of miners, they are 15 million of artisanal miners in the world but the entire community in unbanked and represent 200 million people !

Second Section: Twitter Posted Questions

What would happen to GoldFinX if by chance the value of gold drops abruptly? What is the use case of $GIX tokens and how would they be affected by the value of gold and productions from mines GoldFinX invests in?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

Of course a drop in Gold price has been factored in our business plan. But remember the GiX coin is not a stable coin. The underlying asset is ever growing. Each month we will have more gold in the reserve.

We receive 20% of the total production of gold for the lifetime of the mines. So even if the price drops we still accumulate gold and it increases the value of the coin

2. Asked by User @AmbassadorIce

What motivation made you build Goldfinx ? What is the main vision and mission of Goldfinx ? And what are the advantages that make Goldfinx different from other projects

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

First : there is an opportunity in financing artisanal gold miners that the traditional finance industry does want to consider. It is very profitable but considered too complicated or too risky, so raising money for this kind of project is almost impossible in the old finance world

Second : Artisanal Gold miners don’t use sophisticated equipment so their productivity is very low. When they start using machinery, their production multiplies by X10 or X20. There is a good opportunity for a good business

Three: Artisanal Gold mining use a lot of Mercury. This toxic metal goes ultimately in the oceans and poisons the marine life. For 1 kg of Gold they use 3kg of Mercury! You don’t need mercury if you use modern equipment. So what we do is good for the planet and it is a great motivation for us

3.Asked by User @lona321ama

What difficulties have been encountered during the development of GoldFinX?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

The biggest challenge is to execute a double business plan! Combining one of the oldest human activity, gold mining with the most recent innovation , blockchain and cryptocurrency!

4. Asked by user @ryuuuubtc12

Will there be a public offering for GoldFinX? How to get tokens in the fastest way in the early bird? What are incentives of $GFX Token bring to community and investors?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

We are already public since May 2020 on Coinsbit and Bitmart. We started to trade the GIX at 2 euros, today it trades around 2.6 but we think there is a bigger value to be built as we execute the Business Plan. Our coin is unique as it has not only a great potential of profit but it has also a purpose. ” do good, receive good”

We are making money helping communities of miners to live decently form their work and we also contribute to reduce the emission of Mercury. Remember 40% of the mercury you find in the ocean come from this little industry!

5. Asked by user @lona321ama

What role does the community play in the GoldFinX? What have you done and will do to attract people to join GoldFinX and build a thriving community?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

Great question. First we are building our own community, today 135,000 people are following us on different social medias and it is growing. But more important, we are reaching to other communities like yours because we think it is a project with great value and we want to share it as much as we can.

Third Part Question Live Questions from group members

1.. Asked by ?@OK_SEME

Ambassadors play a very important role in every project, Do you have an ambassador program? If yes, how can I be one

Answer by Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

Ambassadors are welcome!

Here is the link:

2. Asked by marjadan COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? 2nd, are you still on track to achieve your targets as the road map says?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

COVID affected us because it delayed the shipment of equipment to the sites. Also we had to change our priorities, we were supposed to finance one mine in Ivory Coast and one in Canada, we decided instead to start with 2 mines in Ivory Coast and then going to Canada when COVID restrictions will be over

3. . Asked By Naia Guz

Presently as at today, can I possibly use your token in real life for payment?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

Adoption of the token will start on H2 2021 and will take place first in the mining communities.

4. Asked by marjadan How many wallets that can support $Your Token until now? And do you have any plan to build your own wallet?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

It is an ERC20 coin. Yes releasing our own wallet is in the dev pipeline!

5.. Asked by Gery Bodag

GoldFinX project have token that backed by the real Gold or backed by real operating mine, So do you have your own operating gold mine? What is GoldFinX specialty than other stable coin or token which back by real gold?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

The GIX is backed by 20% of the gold produced by the mining companies. The big difference with a stable coin is that we accumulate the gold, the underlying asset is growing

6. Asked by Sajeeb Ahmed

People are exploited by exorbitant interest rates by local financiers… But there is a reason why they stay with them. It is easy for them to use their funds to buy and sell in their localities. How can easyfi be competitive as a mainstream and global payment method??

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

Great question! These communities already use mobile money, that facilitates the adoption of a token dedicated to their industry.

7. Asked By Dana Kata Jin

If anybody thinks your project really likes a scam project, and they can not trust this project. How do you make them believe in your project?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

The best would be to invite them to come to see our operations on the mining sites! They are welcome to come in Ivory Coast and soon in Canada 😊

8. Presently as at today, can I possibly use your token in real life for payment?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

Adoption of the token will start on H2 2021 and will take place first in the mining communities

9. Asked By Nusrat Jahan

Tell me its 3 unique features that your competitor doesn’t have? How will people attract toward Your project?

Phillipe Bednarek, CEO GoldFinX:

We don’t really have competitors as most of the projects involving gold are stable coins or a coin created to finance one mining operation. Our project is unique because we finance several mining operations, diversifying the risk.

It is also unique because we focus on artisanal miners, a totally neglected segment of the mining industry. And finally, we are unique because what we do is ethical and good for the planet.

Where do I purchase GIX tokens?

Interested in buying GIX tokens? You can do so from the following exchanges.

OTC — Email

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